WELCOME to the UWRF Sustainability Blog!

Kelly D. Cain, PhD, Director
St. Croix Institute for Sustainable Community Development (SCISCD)
University of Wisconsin – River Falls

Contemporary American civics in its broadest context, especially around ‘sustainability’, is obviously not a sound bite discussion, and so we launch the UWRF Sustainability Blog

“Sustainability” is seemingly one of the most critical, and at the same time most controversial issues of our time (and possibly in our history), depending on how broadly one defines its boundaries.

The intent of the UWRF Sustainability Blog is purely to provide the space for the open, objective, and civil exchange of ideas, concepts, and constructive critique of diverse viewpoints about ‘sustainability’ as a field of study and phenomenon in American culture and global politics. 

The opinions expressed here are purely those of each individual author, be they student, faculty, staff, administrator, alumni, or external stakeholder.  While the blog editors serve to moderate only in cases of inappropriate language, and similar issues, the views expressed are the sole responsibility of the contributor regardless of how their comments might be interpreted.

A blog like this feels much to me like it might to facilitate a guided hike, naked through a mine field on the way back to the future.  While I’ve never attempted such a thing before, for those who know me personally, it’s probably not something you really want to visualize. 

However, to avoid the hike and the discussion seems worse.  It seems to avoid the freedom, the right, and the responsibility to at least try in light of the educational mission that drives our daily work and the challenges we face as a nation.  To leave the discussion in the hands of fate, leads to the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.  Such blindness and apathy leaves us with the risk of irrelevance, or worse, in the case of the ostrich.

We hope you enjoy and engage with us in this discussion.

NOTE: The views expressed in no way represent the personal, professional, or collective views of the Chancellor or administration, our students, faculty, or staff, UW-River Falls as a campus, or the UW System as a whole. 



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